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A consistent feeling of sadness and low mood, Persistent guilt or feelings of worthlessness

ptsd & trauma

Having flashbacks, nightmares, or mentally re-experiencing the traumatic event

Relationship Therapy

Couple or Family Conflict, Communication and intimacy issues

life transitions

family crisis, illness, birth of a child, job loss, new relationship


feelings Panic, fear, uneasiness, panic, doom, or danger

And more

ocd, complex ptsd, men's issues, sex therapy

You are feeling lost, alone and overwhelmed for a while now and you’re having a hard time finding your way through the obstacles of life.

You’re getting stuck in the past or the future and it’s hard to be present.

This has been impacting your relationships in a negative way and you’re looking for a change.

The fact that you’re here right now shows that you can endure meaningfully through the difficulties in life even though your thoughts and feelings may be telling you otherwise.

If you are feeling disconnected and distressed from yourself and others, I want to let you know that there is hope. There is a way to experience connection with yourself towards becoming more authentic so that you can relate with others from a place of peace, joy, and love.

I can help you towards this reality if you would like to collaborate together towards healing and a more full and integrated self.

Adam Kohlan


I strive to become the best I can be in and out of the therapy room. I enjoy reading, singing, listening to music, working out at the gym, and exploring new ideas. Water sports, running/walking, and hiking are my outdoor activities of choice. Playing a board or strategy game with my friends and family are ways I stay connected and are what I look forward to after some time with myself. I am grateful to worship at St. Elizabeth Orthodox Christian Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. On our journey, I want to help you gain more self-knowledge and channel your thoughts, emotions, and desires in a way that helps bring you to a place of greater wholeness and connection.


"Adam is a fantastic therapist. He clearly sees the potential in his clients and wants them to grow in their resilience and character."

"Adam is a wonderful salt of the earth person with a gift for understanding, generosity, and love for those around him. I highly recommend Adam on both the human and professional level."

"Adam and I have been getting to know each other for several years, and I know him to have a commitment to professional ethics. He is happy to answer questions, and makes an effort to listen with care and concern."

"I had the pleasure of working alongside Adam and saw firsthand how much he cares about and invests in his clients. He is a great therapist!"

"Adam is a genuine and competent guy who loves providing hope to people! Would recommend."

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