Adam Kohlan

Clinical Positions
I’m a guy who strives to become the best he can be in and out of the therapy room. I enjoy reading and exploring new ideas. Water sports and hiking are my outdoor activities of choice. Playing a board or strategy game with my friends and family are ways I stay connected and are what I look forward to after some time with myself. Working out and staying in the gym or doing some sprints at the park are an every-week routine that keep my endorphins running strong. I enjoy listening to music, exploring on a long walk, going to the gym or doing sprints, and reading or learning something new on YouTube.
After going through my master’s program these past two years in Marriage and Family Therapy I learned much through my clinical work about providing quality and effective therapy to both individuals, couples, and families and keeping accurate client records with a full caseload. I have experience being a first responder via CrisisTextLine with individuals who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and trauma alongside my clinical work at both Lipscomb University’s Counseling Center and the Lipscomb Family Therapy Center. These experiences have helped me with crisis and short-term therapeutic intervention with dysregulated individuals and have helped me become more comfortable helping them reach a cool calm.