Treatment Approach

My interests include depression, anxiety, complex trauma, couples therapy, marital distress, and life transitions. My approach is holistic and integrative, focusing on Attachment Theory, CBT, and Internal Family Systems which are evidence-based and shown to help individuals and couples find healing.

Empathy, individualization, connectedness, ideation, intellection – I have the strength of seeing how your unique experience fits into the whole of your relationships. The stories that we share make sense when looking at a birds-eye-view of your experiences in life overall. My compassionate and empathetic stance can help guide you towards a greater quality of life.

I have a passion for helping people that have been affected by trauma, anxiety, and depression utilizing a systemic framework. I want to individuals process their burdens and to heal. I yearn to help individuals to heal by helping them find clarity about who they are and what they are about, especially when there is pressure to conform, to develop coping skills to calm oneself down and self-soothe one’s own anxieties and not to over/under-react, and to tolerate discomfort for growth so hope can be fostered with resilience and integrity.